• I threw the local newspaper from a bicycle on my paper route as a youngster,

  • Cycled to class and to work during college,

  • Enjoy riding solo and with groups, and

  • I enjoy organized rides, including riding across Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Freewheel Ride, several trips to Wichita Falls, Texas for the annual Hotter’n Hell Hundred Ride(aptly named!), and others. 




  •  I'm a bit of a singer-songwriter with a love of Martin guitars,  

  • A fixture at the Kerrville Folk Festival, 

  • Occasionally performing with Plain Folks, a band I put together more than 20 years ago, and 

  • I also enjoy solo gigs as well as regular side-man work for  other performers.  

In addition to serving on various boards and committees, I enjoy spending time with family as well as engaging in two lifelong passions - Bicycling and Music.

In handling bicycle and motorcycle injury cases, my personal experiences as a rider are put to good use on behalf of my clients.

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