“Pet” Peeves – Damages

March 3, 2013 in Roland's Law Blog

How much is the death of a pet worth?  On January 10, 2013, the Texas Supreme Court considered this question.  The answer, which may come soon, has significant implications for pet owners whether or not they lose their pet.  Below are links to information about this case and the issues that animal related groups have raised regarding its possible outcome.  The link to the Austin American Statesman provides a nice overview of the case and concerns it has raised.  The link to the 2nd "COA" (Court of Appeals) will allow you to read the opinion of the intermediate level appellate court that held sentimental value for the negligent death of a pet could be considered.  The link to the Texas Supreme Court will take you to the briefs filed by the parties as well as friend of the court (amicus) briefs filed by animal related groups.  Other information about the case can be found by opening the link to the Texas Supreme Court page shown below and then clicking on the case number (12-0047) link which appears near the top center of that page.  I have written an article on this issue for the April 2013 issues of The Wimberley Valley News and Views and The Dripping Springs Outlook.  That article will be posted on this Blog at a later date.  Pets raise a number of legal issues including nuisance suits related to barking dogs and injury claims arising from dog bites.  These issues will be discussed in future articles here at Roland's Law Blog.